The SEAC Assembly votes to approve all SEAC recommendations, positions, best practices, and publications. Recommendations approved by the Assembly must then receive final approval by the SEAC Steering Committee to ensure consistency with SEAC Operating Guidelines and objectives. 

SEAC’s Guidelines for Assembly Member Representation

Because of the Assembly’s critical role approving all SEAC recommendations, positions, best practices, and publications, it is essential to maintain the independence of this body and avoid conflicts of interest. As part of maintaining the integrity of the Assembly, all Assembly members are required to identify at the start of their appointment if they are representing themselves or a specific entity. If this representation changes at any time during their appointment, Assembly members are required to promptly inform IREC. This is particularly important if members are employed as consultants and represent multiple clients outside of SEAC.

Additionally, in order to maintain SEAC’s credibility, if a member is voting on a recommendation, position, best practice or publication and their opinions are different from what was identified in their interest category or stated at the start of their appointment it is critical that the member discloses their representation. For example: The member can say “speaking for myself” or “speaking for XX organization.”

For questions addressing this matter, please contact [email protected]

The Assembly is a diverse body where no single interest category represents more than a third of the voting members. The following are the current SEAC Assembly members:

Kurt Ames, KW Hour Energy

Abid Anwar, Tesla

Mark Baldassari, Enphase Energy

Ward Bower, Ward Bower Innovations LLC

Joseph H. Cain, P.E., Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Brandon Carlson, Allume Energy

Mark Chrysler, Consultant

Duncan Cleminshaw, GAF Energy

David Compaan, DC Solar Services

Chris Connell, Fronius USA LLC

James Cormican, RBI Solar

Paul Dailey

Robert Davidson, Davidson Code Concepts LLC

Steve Douglas, QPS Evaluation Services, Inc.

Jeffrey Fecteau, UL LLC

Jason Fisher, Solar Technical Consulting LLC

Jeff Fitzloff, ECI

Kevin Fok, LG Energy Solution Vertech, Inc.

Gary Gluck, Siemens

Jerry Henderson, Energy Assurance Company LLC

Martin Herzfeld, Licensed Solar & Electrical Contractor

Rick Hollander, Shums Coda Associates

Doug Hughes, Town of Windsor, CA

Colleen Kettles, Florida Solar Energy Center / University of Central Florida

Joanne Kurz

Nick Lovgren, McCalmont Engineering

Derric Meister, Energy Safety Response Group

Joe Nelson, Sustainable Energy Group

Charles Picard

Kevin Reinertson, Riverside County Fire Department, CA
Office of the Fire Marshal

Mark Rodriguez, SolarAPP+ Foundation

James Rogers, Town of Oak Bluffs, MA

Doug Smith, West Coast Code Consultants (WC3)

Jeff Spies, Planet Plan Sets

Mark Stevens, CertainTeed

Mike Stone, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

Brian Tollisen, New York State Department of State

Darold Wiley, City of Hayward, CA

Eric Zeise, Eastman Kodak Co.