What Is SEAC?

The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) provides a forum to collaboratively identify and find solutions to issues that affect the installation and use of sustainable energy systems using solar photovoltaics (PV), energy storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and more. Our mission is to facilitate the deployment and use of affordable, clean and renewable energy in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner. 

Participation is open to all. Our members include building and fire safety officials, first responders, contractors, manufacturers, utilities, and testing labs.

SEAC actively prioritizes open communication and collaboration. We advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity such that our work represents all Americans. We encourage knowledge sharing, leadership, and involvement in SEAC activities across the clean energy community.

We serve the clean energy community and strive to deliver on SEAC’s mission in as many geographic region as possible. We perform SEAC activities in an ethical, professional, and respectful manner, inviting opinions and employing collaboration and consensus.

Join a Working Group

SEAC has over a dozen working groups that discuss ways to overcome barriers to solar, energy storage, EV charging, and other clean energy projects.

Working group meetings are held online, on an as-needed basis.

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Attend SEAC General Meetings

Every month, SEAC hosts a general meeting where you can interact with our members and learn about the latest industry developments. General meetings are a great entry point for first-time visitors, new members, and active participants.

General meetings, held online on the fourth Thursday of every month, are open to everyone.

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The Interstate Renewable Energy Council administers SEAC and facilitates its work under a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Learn more about SEAC Partners and the SEAC Steering Committee.

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