There is a need for qualified professionals in the sustainable energy sectors, especially related to codes and standards for solar PV and energy storage systems. This includes installers, designers, inspectors, plan checkers, and other stakeholders involved in the permitting process. 

The SEAC Qualified Professionals Working Group is developing recommendations to help ensure that workers involved in system design, installation, permitting, and inspection in this sector have sufficient qualifications. Among the issues it is considering, are:  

  • Why is this a problem? 
  • How do we define “qualified” for these professions? 
  • How to increase awareness of training resources
  • Is more training required?
  • Lack of standards for a minimum level of code knowledge
  • Credentialing and licensing requirements
  • Use of third-party inspectors and/or remote inspection
  • What workforce development is needed to create a larger pool of qualified professionals?
  • Will the recommendations make an impact on the problem?
  • Ways a lack of awareness of the roles and responsibilities of the codes, standards, and AHJ processes can be addressed

The group recognizes that solutions may vary for each of the identified jobs and between residential, commercial, or utility-scale installations. 

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