As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, and as codes and standards evolve, there is a growing need for qualified professionals. Communities also have an ever-growing need for system designers and installers, inspectors, plan checkers, and other stakeholders who can knowledgeably guide projects through permitting and beyond.

The SEAC Qualified Professionals Working Group supports the industry’s ongoing need for qualified individuals in the workforce. The group develops recommendations to help ensure that workers in renewable energy have sufficient qualifications. It considers issues such as defining what it means to be qualified for renewable energy professions, increasing training and awareness of available resources, standards for a minimum level of code knowledge, credentialing and licensing requirements, use of third-party inspectors and remote inspections, and expanding the pool of qualified professionals.

Solutions may vary based on job function and industry sector. SEAC provides the following resources to equip the workforce with information that facilitates the efficient use of clean, sustainable energy.

SEAC Resources

  • Qualified Persons and Renewable Energy Systems shares an overview of concepts and terms for the qualifications of renewable energy personnel, including code officials who ensure projects adhere to applicable codes and standards. The guidance document also directs interested stakeholders to relevant resources and training.
  • Clean Energy Clearinghouse, a collaboration of SEAC and Interstate Renewable Energy Council, offers free educational resources, including courses with continuing education credits. Keep an eye on the site for new resources, such as monthly webinars from EMPOWERED Solutions with access to technical experts, practical tips, job aids, question-and-answer sessions, and more.
    Adult student participating in continuing education in a conference setting

    Third-Party Resources

    • The National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance is identifying clean energy workforce development gaps and and broadly distributing specific solutions that can be addressed through policy and program deployment. IREC and the National Council for Workforce Education are leading the Alliance, with support from Bank of America.
    • The National Solar Jobs Census tracks solar jobs data nationwide and in all 50 states. The report, published annually since 2010, features in-depth analysis on jobs by market segment, demographics, and workforce development trends.