April 19, 2023

Why is updating municipal codes to accelerate EV readiness important?

Updating municipal codes to accelerate EV readiness can help remove barriers and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. By updating codes to allow for the installation of EV charging infrastructure, for example, cities can make it easier for residents and businesses to own and use electric vehicles. Similarly, by updating building codes to require new construction to include provisions for EV charging, cities can ensure that new developments are “EV ready,” which can make it easier for future electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles at home or at work. Updating codes can also help to ensure that electric vehicle infrastructure is built to a high standard and is compatible with the needs of electric vehicle owners.

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Learn more about how cities can advance EV adoption by lowering barriers through this report from Forth: Pulling the Right Levers: How Cities Can Advance EV Adoption by Lowering Barriers.

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