June 12, 2023

Why is building electrification in the news and how can we address the challenges and opportunities that come with electrifying our homes?

Residential building electrification is a complex and rapidly evolving topic, and there are many questions and challenges that need to be addressed as we transition toward a more sustainable and decarbonized energy system. Home owners, code officials, and policy makers can consider some of the following opportunities as we begin to electrify more and more of our homes. 

  1. Consider the most cost-effective way to electrify residential buildings. This includes not only the cost of the necessary equipment and infrastructure, but also the long-term operating costs and the impact on the electric grid. Cost-effective electrification can also include reducing building loads, such as upgrading home insulation or retrofitting windows to lower heating loads before they are electrified.
  2. Ensure that electrification efforts are equitable and accessible to all households, including low-income and marginalized communities.
  3. Find solutions to streamline the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and energy storage, into residential electrification efforts.
  4. Understand how we can manage the impact of electrification on existing building infrastructure, including wiring, electrical panels, and heating and cooling systems.
  5. Become aware of the incentives and policies available to encourage adoption of electric appliances and heating and cooling systems.
  6. Ensure that the necessary workforce is available and trained to support residential building electrification, including electricians, contractors, and HVAC technicians

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Addressing these questions and challenges will be critical to the successful electrification of residential buildings and the transition to a more sustainable and decarbonized energy system.For a deeper dive into these topics and more, listen to experts from across the country in this recorded webinar on Residential Building Electrification. You can expect to learn about common issues that building owners and code officials may notice  and how to resolve them; the role heat pump space and water heating technology play in the transition;, and how the SolSmart program can help communities improve permitting and inspection processes to support electrification with solar power.

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