July 31, 2023

What strategies can we implement to cultivate a diverse and skilled talent pipeline for the clean energy industry?

With recent and historic federal funding for the clean energy industry, the opportunities for job creation and carbon reductions are enormous. Already, nearly 2.2 million Americans are employed by the energy efficiency sector and over 255,000 people are employed in the solar energy industry. 

To meet carbon reduction goals, we have our work cut out for us to overcome workforce challenges, and build a vastly larger and more inclusive pipeline of highly-trained workers prepared to deliver on the promise of a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

The National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance, a forum uniting more than 500 stakeholders across the U.S., was formed to call for increased investment in workforce development and greater coordination among local, regional, and national entities to support the growth of high-quality job opportunities in the clean energy industries, with a focus on the inclusion of diverse and underrepresented populations.

The Alliance has identified strategies and recommendations to improve recruitment, education, and placement outcomes with a focus on energy justice, all laid out in a report released in February of 2023. Some of the key findings in this report include: 

  • Developing and promoting career pathways for an inclusive workforce, such as expanding apprenticeship opportunities and developing partnerships to connect with underserved communities
  • How to integrate clean energy into existing education and professional development pathways
  • Driving recruitment and retention by prioritizing hiring, onboarding and retention policies
  • Supporting comprehensive clean energy workforce data collection and analysis

…and many more key recommendations and strategies for cultivating a diverse and skilled pipeline for an equitable transition to clean energy.

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Gain further insights and learn how you can get involved by downloading the report, Cultivating a Diverse and Skilled Talent Pipeline for the Equitable Transition.

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