July 24, 2023

What PPE should I have to inspect a PV system with battery energy storage?

To inspect any system with batteries, at a minimum you should have voltage-rated gloves and safety glasses. Battery chemistry can range from flooded lead acid to lithium ion. The common factor is that a battery bank can store a lot of energy, and can discharge that current instantaneously. Have the right PPE for the job. And be sure to have a copy of the plan with you for all inspections. As more and more solar-plus-storage systems make their way into your jurisdiction, you will want to ensure a proper plan review before showing up on site for an inspection. This will help you ensure the system is designed to code, understand all the components configured in the system, and help you prepare what to bring on site for a safe and successful inspection.

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In this resource, take a tour of an inspection in Liberty, North Carolina of a ground mounted AC-coupled PV system with energy storage. The tour is led by IREC’s Joe Sarubbi and Rebekah Hren, Solar PV and Energy Storage Systems Subject Matter Expert and NEC Code Making Panel 4 Member.

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