October 2, 2023

What is “Whole Home Performance” and what does it have to do with energy usage?

Whole Home Performance recognizes that a building is more than just its individual parts; it’s a holistic system where improvements in one area can have a cascading effect on the efficiency, comfort, and durability of the entire structure. Home performance contractors and weatherization experts conduct a thorough assessment of various factors within a property, including insulation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting, appliances, and structural integrity. The goal is to create an integrated system where all components work harmoniously to reduce energy consumption and improve overall comfort.

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Jason Peavey, an HVAC contractor in Georgia, subscribes to this whole home approach. His family-owned business first makes sure the building is weatherized before recommending heating and cooling system changes or upgrades. Listen to this 15-minute interview with Jason of PV Heating and Air share how his company is bringing whole home performance solutions to the southeast, increasing occupant comfort while lowering both investment and operating costs.

Gain additional information on home performance and learn more about segments and careers at the Building Performance Association website. If you are a contractor you can earn a Total Building Performance (TBP) Certificate designed to prepare individuals with the holistic knowledge to plan, manage, and deliver whole-building retrofits.

Looking for further information about high performance buildings, energy storage, solar, and more? Visit the Clean Energy Clearinghouse for an expanded list of expert resources and CEU’s: