January 8, 2024

What Does It Mean to Be Energy Storage-Ready?

Being energy storage-ready means allocating space in buildings for future placement of battery energy storage system (BESS) components, including batteries, inverters, conduits, and raceways. In energy storage-ready design and construction, you facilitate easy connection from an electric service panelboard to the BESS space and potential locations for PV panels and other renewable energy equipment. Retrofitting homes with BESS can be costly and complicated due to space requirements, replacement of existing equipment, and other considerations. Builders can reduce future expenses for homeowners by adopting storage-ready construction.

The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) Storage Snapshot Working Group recently published a document on how to make new construction energy storage-ready and how to make retrofitting energy storage more cost effective. Key concepts include:

  • Factors to consider in energy storage system (ESS) design
  • Location and space considerations
  • Interconnection

Combining input from manufacturers, contractors, industry professionals, and fire-safety officials, the document is a non-technical guide meant for architects and contractors working on new construction and renovations. Download the guidance document today. Energy Storage-Ready Residential Design and Construction

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