June 19, 2023

What are the best practices for streamlining the EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) permitting and inspection process?

The permitting process for EVSE can be lengthy and fraught with delays, often due to unfamiliarity with the technology, extended zoning reviews, or ill-defined permitting requirements. There are some clear steps that towns and cities can take to help streamline the EVSE permitting and inspection process. Some of these steps might include:

  1. Avoid lengthy zoning reviews and classify EV charging stations as an accessory use to the principal use of the site.
  2. Amend local ordinances to count parking spaces for EV charging toward minimum parking requirements.
  3. Offer training and education to building officials and inspectors to increase their familiarity with EVSE technology and installation requirements. This will help ensure that inspections are conducted efficiently and that installers consistently enforce installations for code compliance.
  4. Combine permit application requirements along with helpful guidance into a single checklist document and make this available online. 
  5. Process permit application approvals and conduct field inspections in a timely manner. An online permit approval process may aid in reducing permit approval timelines.

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These are just a few steps that jurisdictions can take to streamline the EVSE permitting and inspection process, reduce barriers to EV adoption, and encourage the development of EV charging infrastructure.une in and watch this recorded webinar on The Possibilities of EV Charging to learn more about this subject and understand funding options available to install charging stations at your property. The webinar includes examples and case studies of successful EV charging infrastructure,Standard EVSE checklists are available on New Building Institute’s (NBI) website.

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