February 23, 2023

I’ve never inspected a solar PV system with energy storage before. (I’ve never worked on one either!) How should I prepare to inspect my first system?

Energy storage systems (ESS) are becoming more common across the country. When inspecting a PV + ESS, there can be a lot of system components to review, from the modules, to inverters and disconnects, to the ESS itself. To ensure a safe and correct inspection, it is valuable to understand the system components you will encounter and how to refer to approved plans and installation manuals.

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In this instructional video, you will learn from Chief Electrical Inspector Pete Jackson about the ins and outs of a solar PV system with a string inverter and a Tesla PowerWall in Bakersfield, California. This video course will help you educate yourself about the components of the system and related codes and standards, as well as permitting and inspection guides.

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