March 4, 2024

I keep hearing about air source heat pumps. Where can I get a good understanding of heat pump technology?

Heat pump technology is not new, but improvements in efficiency, along with city, state, and federal climate goals have dramatically increased their deployment across the country. Our guide, Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps, contains questions most often asked about heat pumps and their role in transitioning to all-electric buildings that can be powered by clean energy. In this interactive resource, you will discover answers to topics such as:

  • What are the different types of heat pumps and how do they work? 
  • What are the benefits of heat pumps? 
  • How do heat pumps perform in cold climates? 
  • How do you  make sure your electrical service panel is correctly sized to your heat pump?
  • How can policymakers enable heat pumps in affordable housing? 
  • What incentives are available today for installing heat pumps? 
  • And much more!

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Get answers to your questions about heat pumps, an efficient option for electric heating and cooling! Download here: Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps.

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