August 14, 2023

How do I evaluate plans for rooftop residential PV systems prior to issuing an electrical permit?

Across the country, residential solar PV systems are being installed at a rapid pace. It is important for plan reviewers and inspectors to understand the design and installation of these systems to ensure safe and quality installations. There are three main areas of plan review and permitting: fire safety, structural, and electrical. 

When it comes to the electrical elements, one area of focus should be on how to verify that the grounding and bonding of the solar array and mounting system are in compliance with UL standards and National Electric Codes. It is important to understand how to:

  • Verify the solar module-rack fire classification
  • Verify the solar module-rack grounding and bonding
  • Verify AC and DC conductor sizing
  • Verify marking and labeling
  • …and more

Learn More

IREC has established a series of free CEU-bearing courses for building and safety officials focused on the plan review and permitting of solar PV systems. In this 3-hour course, Electrical Elements: Plan Review & Permitting of Residential Rooftop Solar PV Systems, you will practice how to perform tasks that will ensure a permit package has been thoroughly evaluated.

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