February 12, 2024

How can local building departments foster resilient communities by implementing and enforcing efficiency, energy, and safety codes?

Efficiency, energy, and safety codes play a crucial role in fostering resilient communities across the country. Many jurisdictions have implemented effective strategies to enhance resilience in the face of various challenges. These strategies often include the adoption and enforcement of stringent building codes that prioritize energy efficiency and safety. Communities are increasingly focusing on sustainable practices by incorporating codes for efficient, EV-ready, and solar-ready buildings, and by promoting energy-efficient designs. By adhering to current codes, regions can better withstand environmental and safety risks. Additionally, community education and outreach programs play a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of resilience and encouraging compliance with established codes. Overall, a comprehensive approach that integrates efficient building practices, energy conservation measures, and robust safety codes contributes to the creation of resilient communities nationwide.

For a deeper dive into these topics and more, listen to experts from across the country in this recorded webinar on Efficiency, Energy, and Safety Codes: What Is Working Around the County to Foster Resilient Communities, and learn about strategies that you can implement in your jurisdiction to ensure a resilient and sustainable community.

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