December 18, 2023

How can I verify compliance of solar PV structural attachments in my jurisdiction?

The vast majority of rooftop solar PV systems are installed on existing structures. Even though very few of these buildings were constructed specifically for installing solar equipment, many of them are well-suited for PV systems. 

Solar installations must meet the permitting and inspection requirements for U.S. construction projects, which have been developed and refined over many decades. These requirements are issued to verify that projects conform to established construction codes. The International Building Code and the International Residential Code now provide details on how to calculate the loads that PV systems add to a building.

How you evaluate compliance in your jurisdiction may depend on a number of factors, including  housing stock, or snow and wind loading. In this free CEU-bearing online course, Structural Attachment Compliance, you will be introduced to a three-step approach of evaluating compliance, so that you have a foundation on which to base your plan review. Sign up today for this free course, and gain the knowledge and skills necessary for your next solar project.

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