December 4, 2023

Can air source heat pumps really work in cold climates?

Air source heat pumps play a huge part in the effort to decarbonize our buildings. Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, and they can be powered by clean electric energy. But because they work by extracting heat from the cool outdoors to the inside of the house, many people think that the technology cannot work in very cold conditions. Luckily, the truth is in fact the opposite: a heat pump can efficiently work well even in sub zero temperatures! Some heat pumps designed to work in the cold climates now can handle -15° to -30° F.

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Discover how air source heat pumps are transforming buildings in cold climates, including multifamily and commercial buildings with this recorded webinar: Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps—Efficacy and Building Readiness.

For technical details, take this free course from Slipstream, which has been monitoring heat pumps in cold climates like Wisconsin: Advancements in air source heat pump technology. 

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