March 25, 2024

Are you looking for ways to ensure that the solar PV systems you inspect meet code requirements? Learn how plan reviews can enhance your inspection process and improve your confidence.

Performing a plan review for solar PV systems is crucial to ensuring safety, compliance, efficiency, and quality of the installation. It is important to consistently review plans to ensure that solar systems are installed properly and meet all necessary building codes and regulations.

Consider an example from Bakersfield, California where in one year when they received over 4,000 permit applications for residential PV systems, 13% of those applications did not meet the minimum code requirements for compliance issues for either structural or electrical requirements. 

Code officials are engaged in the building process from the initial plan to the finished product, and your work impacts every building in every community. Because of your commitment to building safety, our buildings stand, our communities prosper, and our homes are safe. Your thorough review of each PV system plan application matters.

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In this Introduction course on Plan Review and Permitting for Residential PV Systems, get to know the primary tasks to confirm the code compliance of most residential roof-mounted PV systems prior to issuing a permit. 

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