April 19, 2023

Are you curious about the various pathways to advance your career in clean energy?

Clean energy jobs, including energy efficiency, solar, and HVAC/R jobs, are in high demand across the country. Within each industry, there are dozens of high-quality, good-paying jobs and career pathways to choose from. Deciding on one that fits your career goals and interests can be a challenge. With the support of state and federal funds, IREC has created three interactive career maps that showcase the breadth of jobs in the green building and energy efficiency, solar, and HVAC/R industries. These Career Maps showcase over 150 job positions including brief descriptions of the job, recommended credentials and training, salary ranges, and hundreds of possible advancement routes. The Career Maps are free, online resources that educators, career advisors, job seekers, employers, policymakers, and workforce professionals can use to explore the many diverse jobs offered across the growing clean energy industry.

Learn More:

To access these career maps, visit Clean Energy Career Maps. You can also learn more about the Green Buildings Career Map and watch a recorded webinar where IREC explains in detail how to use all of the many features to best suit your goals.

Looking for further information about high performance buildings, energy storage, solar, and more? Visit the Clean Energy Clearinghouse for an expanded list of expert resources and CEU’s: